Adam Kroloff


Adam Kroloff is an accomplished character actor with more than 30 years of professional experience across the country. He's been living in Pittsburgh, Pa since 2002. A 1993 graduate of the Theatre School at DePaul University, Adam holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in acting and has experience working with several critically-acclaimed directors, including Tony Scott, David Fincher, JJ Abrams, and Antoine Fuqua. He is featured in the David Fincher Netflix series, "Mindhunter," and 2017 Tribeca Film Festival darling, "My Friend Dahmer". Adam is best known for his work in the film, "Southpaw," and his featured appearance in the Netflix hit series, "House of Cards". Adam originated the role of Richter Brand in the independent web series, "Off Brand," in which he demonstrates his talent for physical comedy, along with his undeniable gift for making even the most seemingly obnoxious characters lovable. His most recent endeavors have led him to perform stand-up comedy on local stages in Pittsburgh. An award-winning sound designer, Adam spends his free time sculpting, teaching music, playing guitar, drums, bass guitar, and stepping into the ever-adventurous role of dog dad.


Movie Name Release Date
My Friend Dahmer April 21, 2017