Nick Madrick


Nick Madrick has been featured in shows like Under the Dome, Banshee, Sleepy Hollow, Constantine and It's Supernatural. Over the past year Nick has landed roles in several commercials, a handful of short films, booked the lead in an Independent Feature and Introduced the new phone Intuition by LG for Verizon Wireless. He is studying under the tutelage of JD Lewis at The Actor's Lab in Charlotte. Prior to moving to North Carolina, Nick worked extensively at an acting studio in Michigan, learning the craft through a comprehensive technique course, which transitioned into an on-going scene study and improv class. In college, Nick played quarterback for the Hope Dutchmen, helping them win the Division III regional championship in 2003. During this same time, he launched Stoke International, and began designing, producing and selling a lifestyle clothing line to retailers in the U.S. and abroad. He is a certified kiteboard instructor, scuba diver and avid boater, sailor and slalom skier. Both his instructors and his fellow actors can attest to the fact that Nick is passionate, hard-working and a quick study. He would also earn the title Mr. Congeniality (if there was such an award), as he is both personable and easy to work with in every arena, from television and film to print and runway. While living in Charlotte he also had the opportunity to train with the Banshee stunt team with coordinator Marcus Young. This has expanded his ability to audition for more roles that have action sequences.


Movie Name Release Date
Megan Leavey June 9, 2017