River Faught


River was in college at Arkansas State University when he first decided to become an actor though he forged forth and earned a B.A. in Criminology with the pursuit of Law School previously on his mind. However, one year after completing his collegiate endeavors at the bachelor level, River moved to LA in July of 1998 to pursue his dream of becoming an actor in Hollywood. He trekked across the country in a U-Haul with a Jeep attached to the back and $3000 in his pocket...with no place to live. He spent three days knocking on doors of apartment complexes looking for a place to call home...for awhile. On the third day (and the day the U-Haul was due back at the dealership), he found an available apartment in Studio City, California. He recalls having made a phone call to his father from a pay phone at the cross streets of Vineland and Ventura Blvd. excitedly stating, "I can see Universal Studios from where I'm standing!" He was steps away from fulfilling his dream. Soon thereafter, River landed his first big role in a national commercial for "Red Stripe Beer... and then came television roles for ABC Family Channel and various documentaries. These days River can be seen Starring in Feature Films, Reality Shows, TV Pilots, documentaries, commercials, music videos, and print ads! In addition, River has written a "Dark Comedy" screenplay. Registered with the Writers Guild of America, the movie screenplay is making its rounds in numerous screenplay contests. He has begun work on his second screenplay at this time.


Movie Name Release Date
1 Buck September 22, 2017